OUTSOURCE… and add ease to your busy day.

virtual assistance for wellness professionals


Don't be busy, be productive

Don't be afraid - OUTSOURCE. It may be hard to trust someone to do some of the work for you but sometimes, giving away some tasks makes all the sense. Below are the following VA services I offer to help you with your day to day business operations:

Inbox Management | Basic Bookkeeping Email Support/Handling | Invoice Management

I offer 10, 20 to 40-hr block weekly. Depending on what you need done.

marketing management for wellness professionals


You can hand it to me

Let's position you as an expert in your field through the right marketing strategy. From planning to strategy implementation, let's do it together. Below are the following Marketing Management services I offer:

Pinterest Marketing | Instagram Management | Facebook Networking | Linkedin Lead Generation | Facebook Community Management | SEO | Local Business Listings

Depending on your business needs, let's see which marketing strategy are we going to double our effort. 

content creation for wellness professionals


Work smarter, not harder

Yes, it's true that content is king, but if it doesn't speak well to your target audience, it just might get lost in the noise. Let's talk about what you need. Below are the following Content Creation services I offer:

Blog Writing (Optimized) | Content Repurpose | Social Media Post Creation

I have something in the works for you!

It's an E-book entitled 'How to Kick-start your Wellness Business Online'. Sign-up below and be the first one to receive when it becomes available!

mari va

"It does not make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people to tell us what to do." -​ Steve Jobs