Pinterest Account Creation – A Beginner’s Guide

pinterest account creation

A Beginner's Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a star! I’ve been using this platform for quite some time now and have been learning and getting a lot from this superstar. If you're blogging and Pinterest is not part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out something.. or maybe losing something. If you think it's about time for you to take advantage of this platform, this blog will guide you through your Pinterest marketing journey.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a pinboard. Imagine pinning something of your interest in a board, only you do it online. What's great about it is that you can organize and arrange your pins according to a board of your interest. Say you love to travel. You can create boards and named them hotels, activities, places to visit, Asia, Europe, what have you.. then pin.

Though there have been some confusion if it's a social media or not as others are categorizing it as a search engine, my take on this is... whatever it is, I love this platform!

So is Pinterest a search engine or social media?

It's a search engine in a way wherein you can type in keywords in the magic box called 'search', hit enter and voila! You'll be bombarded with topics revolving around the keyword/s you entered. With those visually appealing images combined with text pitches of how to's, why you should's, tips, tricks etc., Pinterest is definitely a star. And this why you need to make your profile, just like your blog, optimized or search friendly.

Now with social media, I guess this is because you can like, leave comments, build networks and even use hashtags for better connection and exposure. Though it's not as interactive as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, this honey can still compete in the game.

Are you ready? Great! Because this is the start of your Pinterest marketing journey. Below is the first 10 steps you should be taking towards your Pinterest goal. If you don't have a goal yet, then set, it's the very first step. Is it to increase your website traffic? Gain followers, brand building? Whatever it is, have one!

So here goes....

1. Create a business profile - It's totally free. If you already have a personal account, convert it to a business account.

2. Confirm / Claim / Verify your website - This is for analytics purpose. How can you monitor the performance of your marketing efforts if you're lacking with details? Sadly, not all websites support this feature. If you’re using WordPress or Squarespace? No worries, these two jive well with Pinterest.

3. Enable rich pins - This will add value to your pin. It allows you to have like a meta description with a headline and author on your pins, making it easy for pinners to track down your article and have more engagements. Don't worry, it's easy and you'll do it one time only.

4. Upload a high-quality profile picture - can be yourself or your logo as long as it's a high-quality one. Use your keyword/s as the filename of your image. Example: virtual-assistant-mari.jpg and not 123-abc.jpg

5. Come up with an optimized Profile Name and Description - By optimized, I mean to include keywords. Example...

Profile Name: Virtually by Mari | All-rounder Virtual Assistant

Description: Providing virtual assistance to business owners who want to upscale and drive their business forward. Reach me at

Keyword/s used: Virtual Assistant

6. Create relevant boards - The ideal is 20, but if it's too much work, at least 15 for a start, as long as they revolve within your main topic. You don't want to be putting a board named 'Travel' when yours is about 'Health and Wellness'. Need ideas? Start with your website, your products, and services then find out what people mostly search in the Pinterest world through the search box. Again, stick to your niche.

7. Make sure your boards have descriptions rich with keywords - Include your 5 main keywords into your description based on your board topic, plus keywords you'll find in the search box. If you don’t have 5 main keywords yet, then it’s about time to choose the magic five.

8. Have a cover image/board art - This has nothing to do with optimization, but in terms of presentability, yes! It will make your profile more engaging, attractive, organized and presentable. If you don't have time to create a board art or just don't want to do the work (though I advise you to please do so), you can just pick a nice pin image within the board, something that would best describe your board as a whole then set it as your cover image for that board.

9. Join Group boards - If you can't do 10-14 groups, at least start with 7. Group boards are one of the ways to find your ideal client. This is where they also hang out. Do this by looking at what group boards your competitors and collaborators are in, then request to join. Keep a record then add at least once a month.

10. Content Curation - Just like Facebook, Instagram, Google Search Engine, Pinterest also has this algorithm wherein your home feed is dictated by who you follow, what you search for, what you click, open and read. Again, start with your 5 main keywords in the search box, then on with another term and another until your feed is full of topics relevant to you especially your audience. Second, follow anyone who shares the same interest as yours. If you start seeing unrelated contents, unfollow. Then do the first step again.

Whew! Have I somehow helped you? I hope so. After these 10 steps, now you're off to what we call 'pinning / repinning' activity. The ideal is at least 30 pins per day, though I'm guilty with 15 to 20. No worries, this is easy and kind of routinely. Bear in mind that all of the steps that I've mentioned above will be of no use if being active is not on your to-do list. Just like other networking sites, it's important that you stay active to compete in the game.

There's also what we call how to create pins that attract and get repins, how to write pin descriptions that convert, how to hide pin images in your blog/page post, common mistakes and many more. As you see, Pinterest account creation is not something you just create in a snap then pin. For you to be able to make the best out of this platform, start by optimizing your profile making it as attractive as possible to pinners.

Am I giving you so much work? I hope so. Because this just means you're going to need me. Char! Just joking.

I'm not going to pretend I'm a Pinterest Expert here. I'm a General Virtual Assistant and Pinterest account creation and management is part of what I do. I still have a lot to learn and do about how Pinterest works and what I've said here overall is a result of the webinars and training I attended plus some experiences I gained from past clients. I can help you start, do some of the work and apply what I know, but please don't forget that gaining the figures you’ve been longing for requires time, commitment, hard work, and patience.

If you need more tips, tricks, and hacks aside from Pinterest account creation, I’ll leave you with one advice, make Pinterest your best friend.

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