Stop keeping yourself on top of everything and start doing what you do best.

Let me give  you a hand.

I offer Virtual Assistance as Business Solutions to Wellness Professionals and Private Practice Therapists.

Handing me over some of your tasks and having me manage some of your projects not just let you focus on what you're meant to do (to heal), but will also upscale your wellness business by helping you position yourself as an expert in the health and wellness industry. 

Your goal is to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives, mine is to make it happen by giving you time freedom to do what you're meant to do.

virtual assistance business operations


An assistance tailored fit to ensure the smooth flow of your business operations while you are out treating a client. Email support? Inbox management? Invoice Management? Automation Set-up? Basic Bookkeeping? Let me help you.

virtual assistance marketing management


Do you have a marketing strategy in mind that you long been wanting to execute but you just don't have the time? I understand, your clients need your physical presence. I'm here to make it happen. Email Marketing? Social Media Management? Pinterest Marketing? SEO perhaps? Let's talk about it.

virtual assistance content creation


Content is king and will always be the main contributor to the success of every business online. As someone who have worked with wellness professionals and private practice therapists for the past 4 years now, I know what your target audience is looking for. Together, let's create a solid content marketing plan.

I have something in the works for you!

It's an E-book entitled 'How to Kick-start your Wellness Business Online'. Sign-up below and be the first one to receive when it becomes available!

mari va

Being in the realms of health and wellness, your well-being matters too.

You don't have to do it all. By working with me, here's what you'll get...

branding virtual assistant


A brand that would position you as an expert in the health and wellness industry.

visibility virtual assistance


An online presence that will improve your website traffic, establish your email list and build your brand.

time freedom virtual assistance


Your goal is to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives, mine is to make it happen by giving you time freedom to do what you're meant to do.

support virtual assistance


As someone who is with a client most of the time, treating and healing, you need someone who would care for your business as much as you do - I'm that person.

My name is Mari. I'm from the land of smiles, Philippines. Music is my passion, movies are my escape and red is my favorite color, the color of determination, passion and love.  I joined the VA wagon way back 2014. It was a struggle fitting in, but with perseverance, hard work and determination, I landed my first client, a very dedicated shiatsu therapist. From then on, my life changed. This website I created is a result of my commitment to the profession I chose while breastfeeding my 1-year old baby and a career I built right beside my playing 3-year old toddler.

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I love to create contents about health and well-being, women in business, business building, productivity, time management, and getting personal with my VA life.

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