How to Identify and Connect with your Target Audience

identify and connect with your target audience

Why you should identify and connect with your audience.

For you to be able to make it in the digital world, you must first identify and successfully connect with your target audience.

This is because it plays a vital role in growing your wellness business (to any kind of business actually), for it is in your audience you will know what contents should you come up, what campaigns should you create and what marketing strategy should you plan.

If you don't know well who you're targeting to and connect with your audience, the tendency is, you might end up wasting your time talking to the wrong kind of people getting less to zero results.

I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert here. I, too, have my own share of failures at this stage. I'm talking based on my experience and how I learned from my mistakes.

Living up to my ethos, 'to provide value', one of my goals is to help you not do the same mistake that I did.

That's why I'd like to share these simple steps on how to identify and connect with your audience.

So without further ado, here it is...

Basically, there are three types of people that could be a potential audience for you. Let's start with identifying them, then the steps on how to connect with them.

1. Your ideal client/customers

The main reason for your being. They're the ones that will most likely buy/book your products and services. Remember, they are your main focus.

On with the first step.

Step 1: Identify your ideal client/customers - For you to be able to connect with your audience, you must first identify who or what are they.

identify target audienceThink about anyone you can think of that would most likely be your potential client/customer. Those that would be needing your services or will benefit from your products and services, then list them out.

Are they work-at-home moms, professionals, employees, creatives, women in business, B2C or B2B? List it out.

Step 2: Create an audience description, profile them - Get to know them further by profiling them. Think about age, gender, job/occupation, hobbies, etc.. Know where they usually hang out mostly online.

Young Adults? Probably on IG. Professionals? Linkedin for sure. Moms? Try Pinterest.

Step 3: Identify their goals and motivations  - Now that you know who and what they are, and their general descriptions, next is knowing their goals and motivations.

What are these? What do they want to achieve and how you can help them achieve those goals? Think about what area can you be of help to them. By doing this, you get to help yourself too in reaching your goal - that is.. to connect with your audience.

Say you are a massage therapist targeting employees whose productivity are affected by stress and burnt out. Think about their goals. Promotion? Raise? Without sounding too sales-centric, talk about how a massage can help them get that dream promotion.  

Talk about how can a massage increase their productivity through promoting relaxation, stress relief and decreased 'employee burnt out', making them closer to a promotion they so deserved. Things like that.

Step 4: Find opportunities to help them achieve the 'goal' - Now that you know the 'goal', it's about time to do the actual help. The way is to find opportunities on how can you do that.

How about an email campaign giving away an e-book providing productivity tips? Or a social media account they can follow that is centered within the topics of health and wellness.

Others create Facebook groups/communities where people can share tips and information on how can they achieve the 'goal'.

Okay, so the second type of people that could be a potential target audience is...

2. The influencers of your main client/customers

They're not your influencers to be clear. They're the influencers of your ideal clients/customers. Say your main focus is work-at-home moms who are considering yoga at home, then their influencers are some of the well-known yoga instructors around the globe.

types of audiences influencers

As you see, they're not likely to be your client/customer, but their networks, fans, followers, and subscribers are.

So basically, their influencers are your audience too, and it is important to connect with them too as they're likely to influence the decisions of your ideal clients/customers.

So what to do...

Step 1: Identify them (the influencers) - The ideal approach is to find at least 10-20 influencers. It could be a mentor/coach, their business partner or someone famous in their niche.

Step 2: Create an influencer description - Of course, you need to have a clear description of them too. Details like name, website, contact nos. and social media accounts are info you might need.

Good to read: How to Create a Website - A Step by Step Guide for Wellness Professionals and Therapists

Step 3: Connect with them - Once you knew where the influencers at, it's time to put up a contact plan. First, connect with them on their social accounts.

Follow them, subscribe, like their pages, join their communities. Second, build a relationship with them. Like their contents, engage, respond, etc. And third, once you've built your relationship with the influencers of your ideal clients/customers, it's time to contact them directly and hopefully, help you.

Just like in the step 4 approach in connecting with your ideal client/customers, you might want to identify too their goals and what motivates them and then identify what area could you be of help to them in achieving those goals. Isn't it one of the smartest ways to connect with your audience.

Then lastly, the third type of people that could be your potential target audience is....

3. Your Fans/Supporters

These are people who are far from being your client, but, are and will support you on your journey.

types of audiences fan supporters

They are your audience too. They are important as they'll serve as your support system when things aren't going the way it's supposed to be.

So we will go back to...

Step 1: Know your supporters - Well, need I say more? This could be a friend, a family member, a mentor, a colleague or anyone you know who'd be happy to help you on your journey.

Step 2: Make sure to let them know your goals - Simple reason - how can they help you and if they don't know where you're heading, what you want to accomplish and where you'd like to go. Share with them your vision, ask for feedback and value their opinion.

Step 3: Maintain a good relationship with them by keeping them up to date. - Let them know what you're up to and how you're progressing. Surely, they would love to give you feedback, opinions, and suggestions.

Now, of course, just like with your ideal clients/customers and your influencers, you have to give something to them too. Know their goals/motivations and come up with an idea on how you can help them too. Be each other's support team.

So there you go, I hope that I have somehow helped you identify and connect with your audience. Do these, first things first, and everything else will follow.

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