How to Create a Website – For Wellness Professionals and Therapists

create a website

I'll go straight to the point - you need to create a website.

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field and grow your wellness business online, you need to create a good website.

As a wellness professional or private practice therapist, if you want to successfully tap the digital world, you should invest in a good website. Not only will it serve as the main platform to promote yourself, your products and your services, it will also help you connect, communicate and build relationships with your clients/customers.

It might seem hard, but the fact of the matter is, creating a website now isn't a hit in the moon anymore. You don't have to know how to code or read long and boring tutorials.

In this simplified guide, I will show you how to create your own wellness website from scratch.

So without further ado, let's get started.

Step 1: Register a domain name.

This one's easy and definitely affordable. You can have your own domain name for as low as $5 a year.

A domain is your address in the world wide web like This is where internet users can reach you or access your website.

Remember, you have to do this step before you jump into other steps as someone else can get/register your desired domain name before you do.

Sites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Register, etc are where you can get/register your own domain. You will know from there if the domain name you wish to register is already taken or not.

Your domain name is very important as it will not just serve as your address but also your identity online.

Internet users usually remember your domain or your site name (unless you use your name as your domain, which isn't a bad idea should you prefer).

create a website - step by step guideWhen choosing a domain name, remember to keep it short, memorable and no numbers and special characters as possible. You can use your main keywords say massage, yoga, pilates, fitness, etc., or include your area to target a specific audience. Whatever you choose, just make sure to think about it very carefully.

Step 2: Decide on a web hosting service.

Web hosting is a service that connects your site to the internet. Your website won't be any possible without a hosting service.

You can get a web hosting service for as low as $35 a year or an introductory price that starts from $2.75 a month. With that being said, you can't make 'it's not affordable' as an excuse to not have a website.

Bluehost, Host with Love, HostGator, SiteGround are some of the web hosting service providers you can choose from.

Mine is Host with Love, and so far, I'm loving the service I'm getting. Great customer service, user-friendly plus, they have monthly plans.

Let's go now to...

Step 3: Set up your website

Woohoo! Finally, let's get your website out and live. But first, hear me out on this..

Good to read: SEO Basics – A Guide for Beginners

You need to decide on a nice website building platform to use or CMS (Content Management System) as what we call it. There are a lot out there, so choose wisely.

Below are a few of the many platforms in the market today.

and many more...

You can opt to code but I wouldn't recommend it as first...

* It would consume too much time on your end, learning and understanding how to code. Yes, you can hire someone who can do it for you, but...

* the result would be mediocre at it's finest. It's not ideal if you want to add some changes and updates here and there.

If you were to ask me, of course, I would recommend where I'm good at - WordPress and Wix.

But wait.... this is not just because these two are my expertise. In terms of popularity, maybe this could help you decide..

As of 2019:

WordPress 52%
Wix 7%
Joomla 4%
Progress Sitefinity 4%
SquareSpace 4%
Weebly 2%
Others 29%

So, have you decided?

Once you have decided what CMS or website builder to use, the next step is to install it to your domain via your hosting service.

If you chose Bluehost or Host with Love as your hosting service for WordPress, don't fret, these website hosting services have integrated 1-click installation, making the process as easy as 123.

Actually, I believe almost all or most hosting services have this kind of feature for WordPress users. This is because... well, as per popularity, the no. will speak for itself.

Now if in case your provider doesn't support it, don't worry, you can manually install it. This guide may help you.

create wellness website

Okay... let's have a recap.

Domain name? Check.
Hosting service? Check.
Website Builder? Check.
Integration of the three? Big check.

Let's now move to....

Step 4: Design

I will not go into detail here as I think this is something for you to know and explore.

Most of the website building platform have ready templates and themes to choose from, but I suggest you go with a blank template, for you to have full control of how you want your website to look.

Wix and other website builders have drag and drop features. You can do it. I'll say, do not be afraid to explore and learn the internal workaround of your website builder as this is the skeletal system of your website. Most of the time, you'd need to do some changes and updates within it, so it's important that you know how it works inside.

WordPress, on the other hand, doesn't have drag and drop features, but it has hundreds of free and paid themes to choose from.

But if you want to want to make it more customized and personalized, there are easy installation plugins to help you with the design work.

Plugins like Thrive Architect, Divi, and Visual Composer are my favorites. With my website, I used Visual Composer, it's free and easy to use.

Here's a tip for you before you delve in choosing what themes or templates or design plugins to install.

Create a mood board first. Mood boarding is a web design process wherein you generate ideas about the overall look and feel of your website. General aesthetic as they call it, below are sample mood boards. (note: the images isn't mine)

MOODBOARDIsn't this nice? If you need help, I'm raising my hand.

Plus, here's a brand-building tip for you. You might want to stick to your mood board whenever you create your future contents i.e. social media posts, newsletter campaigns, etc. as it will give your audience a sense of your identity online.

You're almost there, bear with me. Last but definitely not the least. Here's...

Step 5: Contents

This is very important as this can make or break your marketing strategy online. Always, always (repeating this word for empasis), be consistent and relevant.

You are given two sections on your website for your contents. Your pages and posts.

Your pages are your Homepage, About, Services, Blog, Contact, etc.. This is usually static or one-off type content. Imagine a book as your website and the pages of the book as the pages of your website? (I hope I'm making sense).

In your pages especially your home page is where you're going to present the overall you as a business. So you must be very critical of this. By critical, I mean choosing your words wisely and strategically.

Your homepage should be something that converts your visitors into clients/customers. If copywriting is not your cup of tea, outsource. 

Your posts are for your blogs, newsletters, news, or any informational updates about a certain topic.

It plays an important role too as this is where you're going to position yourself as an expert in your field.

It's a must for every website owner as it not just only build your relationship to your customers/clients, it also increases your chances of making your website visible in search engines as well as help you brand yourself as an industry leader.

Just like what I'm doing now. I write. I create contents that are of benefit to my audience to let them know that 'hey, I know what I'm talking about', I know what I'm offering'. See my point?

Okay, so there you have it, I hope I have helped you take that leap towards having your own website. If you need help, I'm one DM, PM, or email away from you.

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