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how to create a solid content marketing plan

Why you need to create a  solid content marketing plan.

Content is king. You probably have heard of this over and over again, but I want you to really dig onto this quote (by the father of the internet itself, Bill Gates).

Believe me, your content strategy can make or break your career online. If you're not cautious and critical about this matter, you might end up working just harder and not getting your desired results.

So what is content, really?

For those who don't know, contents are any tangible piece online you create and own for the sole purpose being of demonstrating and presenting who you are in the industry, what you offer and what can they get from you. 

It could be a blog, a video, an image or anything written, visual or audio.

Why you need to solidly plan it?

As I've said awhile ago, the way you do your contents can make or break your digital career, and anything that isn't well planned has greater chance of failing than succeeding.

Mentioning this again, your contents are or should be created
solely for the purpose of demonstrating and presenting who you are, what do you what to be known for, what you offer and most especially what is it for your audience.

What type of contents should I create?

Depending on the type of audience you want to cater to or the type of services you are offering, the type of contents you should create should be for them and about them. 

create topic for blog post

Say you are a yogipreneur targeting stay-at-home moms, tutorial videos are
perfect for them to gain their interest.

How about a nutritionist targeting employees who are having a hard time eating healthy in the corporate life? Food porn images are great to catch their attention.

Or could be a massage therapist who want to spread the wonders and benefits of having a massage? An e- book or a blog site are great.

The point is, you don't have to do it all. You don't have to do podcast, videos, infographics, ebooks, slides etc. Just choose whichever you think match the profile of your target audience.

What topics should you create?

Now that you know what type (or format) of contents should you create. It's time now to determine the topics you should create.

Always remember, when creating contents, consistency and relevancy are the keys to the doors of content marketing success.

Always think about your audience. If you have read my article entitled 'How to Identify and Connect with your Audience', one of the steps I mentioned there is to identify your audience's goals and motivations. 

Know what do they want to accomplish and what are the problems they're facing in accomplishing that goal and be the solution to that problem.

Always remember, contents shouldn't be always about you.

It should be more about them and for them. In this way, you are slowly (but surely) positioning yourself as the go-to expert for their problem.

Think like a customer as how marketers say it.

Try putting on their shoe and see what's going on in their thoughts.

Idea Generator Tools

There are online tools now to help you come up with topics and headlines. Tools like WebFX and Hubspot's Idea Generator are two of those tools. 

They are great, yes, thumbs up to the makers of those tools, but I believe, there's no better way to look for the right topic than to head on to Google itself.

After all, Google's search engine still holds the no. 1 spot as a go-to tool for looking/searching for something online.

All you have to do is to just key in your main keyword in the search box, say 'yoga'. and then, in the image below, you'll see that topics are automatically suggested by Google right after your type in the keyword 'yoga'.

Google automatic topic suggestion 

These are the exact words used by users to search for a subject they wish to find.

Now here's another tool for you that I think you would not want to use. Take a look at the image above again.

You see the figures next to the suggested keywords/topics? Those are search volume numbers, cpc (cost per click) and competition rate. -- The goal is to choose the most no. of search volume but with the least competition rate possible. Isn't it nice?

And that is brought to you by Keywords Everywhere! The good thing about it is that it's FREE. Try this, it's so helpful. You may install the chrome extension here.

But wait, there's more...

Going back to the search engine page with 'yoga' as the main keyword, if you scroll down, you'll see more topic suggestions..

google topic suggestion

They are suggested by Google because these are the most-used phrases/keyword/s users usually used (sorry for the redundancy).

Then, scroll down again until you reach the bottom for more topic suggestions along with their corresponding volume metrics.

google related topics

Okay, so the formula is:

Google Search Engine Page + Keywords Everywhere = Yey!

Where to publish/post

There are a lot of places where you can publish your blog, but the first should always be no other than your blogsite or your website.

If you don't have a website yet, please, please do. This might help:

Good to Read: How to Create a Website - For Wellness Professionals and Therapists

It's very important that you invest on a good website for the many benefits it could do to your digital career.

But... this doesn't mean that you should only publish your contents on your website - big no no for that.

Minimal exposure/visibility means less to zero results. You don't want that to happen, right?

The goal for your contents is to reach the widest audience possible. Posting and promoting to outside sources other than your website will do wonders to your contents.

So here's a list of places where you can publish/share your contents other than your website. Please note that not all platforms mentioned in the list are applicable to you, the type of your business and the audience you're targeting.

Social Media

- Instagram

- Facebook Page

- Facebook Groups

- Twitter

- Linkedin Page

- Linkedin Communities

- Google+

Search Engines

- Pinterest

- Youtube

- Vimeo

- Slideshare

Bookmarking sites and Microblogging platforms

- Medium

- Pocket

- Tumblr

- Reddit

- Feedspot


- Forums

- Guest Posting

- Email Campaigns

- Quora

- Yahoo Answers

You don't have to do it all. Just determine where exactly your audience usually hang out and post/share your contents there. 

Remember the two keys.. consistency and relevancy (this is also to avoid being tag as spam, you don't want that)

Content Calendar

So now let's put all these info in one place. But first, let's have a recap.

Clearly identified target audience? Check.

Type/Format of contents to create? Check.

Topic/Ideas to create? Check.

Place to Publish? Check.

Unless you have super powers, you can't keep all the information (from what you learned above) in your head alone.

You need to develop a solid organization system for the reason of...

First, it allows you to document everything, making it easier to map out your ideas, and..

Second, it also ensures that you won't miss out any of the process.

So first things first. Determine the organization tool that works for you. It could be Trello, Asana, a bulletin board or an excel file.

There's no better tool for this, just use whatever is comfortable for you to work on.

With this, I'm not going to go into so much detail here. I think an idea only would do to inspire you to develop your own system.

Here's how I'm doing it in an excel/spreadsheet file. Please note that the type of contents and the platforms I'm in/using doesn't mean they're applicable to you too. Remember that choosing the type of contents and platforms to use depends on the type of biz you have.

The one below is a system I develop for the type of biz I have. This is just to give you idea, but if you think mine could be of help to you, then just go ahead and feel free to copy. 

content calendar

1. In a blank spreadsheet, I created a separate tab for Backlinks (good for google search engine), Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, and Pinterest.

The reason why is that they differ in format and image post sizes. What's okay with Instagram doesn't mean good too for Pinterest or Facebook. Plus, IG doesn't allow links, only images with an image size only for them.

2. First tab, backlinks - Listed here are the blogs that I will write or have written and the bookmarking sites where I will submit them.

No color means I haven't done anything yet, they're just ideas.

Yellow means I have written them.

And green means I have successfully publish them on my site.

Same goes with the bookmarking sites. The dates under them coloured with green are when I have bookmarked the blogs to those sites.

3. Now for the rest of the tabs, Instagram, Faceboook, Linkedin and Pinterest, they're separated from each other because they differ in terms of marketing approach or strategy. As much as I want to present here how longer and I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information. Maybe I'll discuss them in a separate blog. Plus as I've said, this is just to give you idea. What works for me may not work for you.

Okay, so to proceed...

I'm also fond of using Trello where I can create boards, list, task cards, checklist, calendar, color labels etc. Try it, the free version have a lot to offer. You'll love it. 

Okay, so there you have it. Thank you so much for making this far. I hope that you find this article helpful in creating a solid content marketing plan for your wellness business. Have fun!

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